Say goodbye to passwords

No more password resets, no more struggling trying to create a memorable and strong password, no more password managers.

Full privacy

Your data on your device only

We never store your personal information on our servers so you can rest assured that your data will never be leaked.

Full control

You are always in control

Decide which website you share your data with — or choose not to share it at all. Easily see who you shared your data with and what information you shared.

One-click sign up

As simple as a click

Hate lengthy signup forms? so do we! That’s why One account made it a one-click solution that just works, it’s almost like magic.

Not linked

Not linked to a social website

Want to use social login but are afraid if the website owners might post on your behalf? One account provides the same frictionless experience without introducing any worrying.


Best security in class

One account employs the latest cybersecurity technologies to protect your accounts, so you can rest assured that your accounts are safe.

No captchas

Don’t waste time solving CAPTCHAs

CAPTCHA is the necessary evil users have to deal with. One account is CAPTCHA-less too. Fight machines bullying humans with One account.


Set up once - use everywhere

Instead of creating endless accounts let the companies connect to your account. One account – many possibilities.

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