just a click away

One-click sign up - more conversions

One account “auto-fills” data when users sign up making sign-ups frictionless. Convert your 6 inputs form into one button sign up.

Not linked

Not linked to social services

Many users hesitate to use social login because they feel unconfident if the service will compromise their data or big companies will track them on the website. Or even worse: they will use a fake account to sign up on your website.

Genuine users

No fake accounts or bots

It is very difficult for anyone to create a fake account on One account so you can be assured that almost all users from One account are genuine.

No captchas

No need for RE/CAPTCHA

No fake accounts or bots means there is no need for RE/CAPTCHA. We take extra step ensuring each of the user coming from our platform is genuine.

Simple and convenient

Acquire elderly/non-tech-savvy users

It is difficult for non-tech-savvy especially for elderly people to create accounts and keep them safe. With One account it’s all taken care of! users just need to press a button for confirmation.


2FA built-in

Take advantage of built-in 2FA with One account (multi-factor authentication is planned for the near future). The best part is that not you nor your users have to do anything to enable it.

A turn-key solution

No maintenance needed

You don’t need to worry about your users’ accounts being compromised or handling password resets. We make sure they are safe and happy.


User data verifications

We verify users’ data so you don’t have to. Why bother building verification into your service when you can hand it to us?

5 minutes integration

Simple integration

We take great care of making the service as simple as possible for developers to integrate, so it only takes 3-5 minutes to integrate.

Data is priceless

Request any data

You can request any data from users in addition to default fields. Default fields are expanding based on the demand and requests from you.

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